Special action! Little lions act as one!

30 SEP 2022

Harrow Little Lions Kindergarten Zhuhai planned and implemented a special action – a fire drill under the guidance of the local Fire Department this Wednesday. The drill participants included all students, teachers, and administrative staff.

The youngest students who participated in the drill were our PreK students, who are only 2-3 years old and the fresh students of the new academic year. Despite being young, they were thoroughly intrigued by and devoted into this special action.

After the fire alarm rang, all students were quickly guided by their teachers to go through the evacuation process. They practised safety tips and learned to avoid danger and harm throughout the process. All drill participants arrived and gathered in the playground in a smooth and orderly manner. We believe that it is through daily drills and practice that our students can acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills for dealing with emergencies.
Following the drill, the teachers also introduced critical fire safety facilities such as fire hydrants, fire alarms and safety exit signs in detail for the children to understand the location and usage of the facilities.

The students gained essential knowledge about self-protection in times of emergencies and made ‘friends’ with many fire safety-related tools and devices, including hoses, signs and fire hydrants, etc. Look! Our little firefighting lions wanted to join the firefighting team one after another!
Harrow Little Lions Kindergarten Zhuhai always attaches great importance to in-school safety and security. We organise well-designed fire drills to provide excellent opportunities for our children to exercise their survival skills for life and cultivate a genuine interest in lifelong learning by practice.

At Harrow, we ensure that our students grow up in a safe environment. And at the same time, guided by Harrow’s leadership development philosophy, our students will develop a comprehensive range of knowledge and skills for lifelong leadership and success in the face of any challenges, difficulties and uncertainties in their lives.