House System

The House system is introduced to children during their time in Harrow Little Lions Zhuhai, and through this they will grow to understand how it is at the heart of the students’ lives and is cherished as a means of developing our students into becoming leaders for a better world. It encourages cooperation and friendly competition within a supportive environment and instils into the students resolve, determination, creativity, collaboration and an awareness of the importance of community.

Modelled on the best practices of Harrow School in the UK, every Harrow student belongs to a House. Each House has its own distinctive name, a House colour, House flags and House Mistress or Master.

The House offers students a smaller, closer community within the school, broadening the range of activities and support available. House events include Sports Days, Charity Events, Dance and Music Competitions, and various Sports Competitions. In these numerous activities, community pride finds expression in a healthy competitive spirit.

A key strength of the House system is the vertical integration of different aged pupils. This creates a ‘family’ unit within which responsibilities are assigned to older students to care for and support their younger peers.

The House system is the most distinctive characteristic of a Harrow education and is central to the school’s culture and success. The development of House communities is characterised by strong bonds and support networks within each House. The House Master or Mistress and Form Tutor knows each member of the House extremely well, allowing for close monitoring of academic performance as well as pastoral support. Therefore, if and when there is a problem the student will swiftly receive well-judged, individualised, and effective support to get back on track.