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Situated at the heart of Xiangzhou District, Harrow Little Lions Zhuhai provides an exceptional learning experience for children aged two to six. It is at this stage that the Harrow Values inherited from the 450-year-old Harrow School in the UK, are introduced to and nurtured within our students.

Our very ambition as an educator is to empower the development of individual characters, skillsets and emotional strengths of our little lions and to play an essential role along their journey from becoming little lions to taking on future leadership roles.

Little Lions Curriculum (LLC) draws from the best examples and experiences of the kindergarten curricula around the world, specifically incorporating the Guidelines on the Learning and Development of Children Aged 3~6 issued by the Ministry of Education of China and the core Harrow values of courage, humility, fellowship and honour.  Together with our unique pedagogical approach, we holistically cultivate our children’s creative thinking and teamwork ethic and ensure all our younger learners achieve rounded and balanced personal development and are capable of applying what they learn to their daily life.  

We believe, that with this carefully crafted curriculum, our little lions will be well prepared for all the dimensions and opportunities that the future world has to offer.

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Quality Bilingual Early Years Education

At Harrow Little Lions Kindergarten Zhuhai, we truly cater to the needs of our little lion families in terms of language acquisition, as we celebrate the importance of acquiring languages from an early age and are well-known for our top-notch approaches to preparing our students for their natural and true bilingualism. For our students, we believe life is a journey where native-level competence and communications skills in both Chinese and English languages are desired the whole time. Therefore, our curriculum has incorporated the guidelines from our regulators on teaching the Chinese language to kindergarten children, as well as Harrow standards for cultivating the students’ confidence in acquiring and using, and hence mastery of English language. At Harrow Little Lions Zhuhai, students all have sufficient natural exposure to both Chinese and English languages on a daily basis.

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Harrow Little Lions Zhuhai

Address: No.44 Bailian Road,
Xiang Zhou District, Zhuhai,
Guangdong, China

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