Pastoral Care and Safeguarding

The pastoral welfare of children is of paramount importance at Harrow Little Lions Kindergarten Zhuhai. Our children feel safe, happy, healthy and cared for, they develop healthy relationships to the adults who work with them.
We work closely with parents and carers to support every child at the school as they travel through the challenging journey from childhood onwards.

In Harrow Little Lions Kintergarten Zhuhai, the mainstay of a child’s welfare is the class teacher and their ‘key person’ who provides a safe and nurturing environment for all the children in the class. If there are more complex issues the class teacher may seek guidance from the year team leader or a member of the senior management team.

The Harrow Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy outlines the actions that will be taken to ensure that all students are protected from all forms of abuse. The policy is shared with all staff who know the correct procedures to take regarding Child Protection Issues.

We kindly request that parents and visitors:

Do not take photos or videos of any child without permission from the Head of Harrow Little Lions Kindergarten Zhuhai

  • Avoid touching any child (other than your own) or invading their personal space
  • Do not take any contact details from any child
  • Only use designated adult-only toilets and do not enter the children’s toilets or changing room areas


The kindergarten strives to offer the highest level of security and safety for our students, community, and visitors to Harrow Little Lions Kindergarten Zhuhai. Staff, students, and visitors will have color-coded smart ID badges that will be needed to enter gain access to the campus.

When visiting the campus, all parents/guardians must sign in at the front gate, sign the safeguarding statement and wear their parent badge, clearly visible, before entering the kindergarten building. As a courtesy, and for security reasons, it is vital that the appropriate staff member/s are informed of an intended visit.  Smoking is strictly forbidden on the school site.

In the interests of the safety of your children, we insist that any adult entering the kindergarten is wearing the Harrow Little Lions Kindergarten Zhuhai ID card.