Principals’ Welcome

Ms. Nikki Street

Foreign Principal
Harrow Little Lions Zhuhai

Dear families,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Harrow Little Lions Zhuhai.

Choosing an early years’ education provider for your child is an extremely important decision and here at Little Lions Zhuhai, we share in your wishes to provide a truly excellent educational experience for all young learners.  

In order for children to become the best they can be, we need to create environments where they feel safe, happy and cared for. This environment can be at home or at kindergarten; and when it is right, children experience high levels of wellbeing. When a child has high levels of wellbeing, they have a better chance of developing the values, skills and personal attributes that will form the basis of the global citizens we wish them to become. One of the keys to high levels of wellbeing is the formation of strong, positive relationships. At Little Lions Zhuhai, we spend time getting to know each of the children as individuals, acknowledging their unique starting points and identifying the next steps to help them make as much progress as possible.

Students at Little Lions Zhuhai benefit from a bespoke bilingual early years’ curriculum embedded in evidence-based research. Our bilingual teaching and learning model ensures that children develop strong linguistic abilities in their dominant language whilst being exposed to their non-dominant language in a natural and immersive way. No two children are the same and our values-based education allows the children to develop at their own pace and in their own way. All children are treated and respected as individuals who have their own personalities, interests and learning styles. It is our role as adults to encourage the children to have a go with new experiences, learn from their mistakes and take pride in their achievements. Highly skilled adults provide learning opportunities designed to introduce, consolidate, and extend skills and knowledge in a play-based way.

Developing a culture of trust and mutual respect between families, children and staff is extremely important and is one of our main priorities at Little Lions Zhuhai. Our students learn from their surroundings, and as adults we act as positive role models on whom they can, and will, base their behaviour and interactions. Open, clear and honest lines of communication between our team and our families are integral to supporting children to thrive. At Little Lions Zhuhai, we ensure parents are kept up to date with their child’s progress and provide opportunities for families to find out and learn more about what happens in the kindergarten on a day-to-day basis through regular workshops and information sessions.

Ms. Linda Sun

Chinese Principal
Harrow Little Lions Zhuhai

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Harrow Little Lions, Zhuhai!

I am happy to see many families attach great importance to their child’s early development and are considering our school as their preferred choice of education. And I am confident we are the right choice for you. In fact, Harrow Little Lions Kindergarten is dedicated to providing high-quality and developmentally appropriate learning experience for every child.

Our programmes are full-day programmes carefully crafted and designed for children aged two to six, which feature a rich and developmentally appropriate curriculum formulated in reference to the Guidelines on the Learning and Development of Children Aged 3~6 issued by the Ministry of Education of China and Early Years Curriculums of Harrow.  

We are a prestigious global brand with a long and well-established history in international education. We offer quality bilingual education to our students, with a strong focus on the development of their individual characters, social skills, and emotional health, as well as strong academic skills that will prepare them for university and future careers. We also believe children must possess strong interpersonal skills to reach their full potential. With our education, they will root in the Chinese culture and will be able to comprehend international perspectives.

We are a new campus centrally located in the most popular area of Xiangzhou district in Zhuhai, where very high standards are followed for staff recruitment and campus development. Every piece of furniture and instruments on campus are carefully selected. There are so many new and different experiences for our students await here.

We take pride in the fact that parent engagement is an integral part of our programme, and it strengthens our students in a truly meaningful way. Let’s make joint efforts in offering a meaningful childhood for our children!

Thank you!