Breakfast is prepared and served by our in-house Chef. Children eat breakfast in our own dining room with staff. We encourage children to feed themselves and to enjoy their food.


Lunch is prepared and served by our in-house Chef. Children eat lunch in our own dining room. There are staff on duty during lunchtime and some staff will eat in the dining room with the children. Eating with adults is a good way for children to learn sensible and polite table manners. We encourage children to feed themselves and to enjoy their food. If children have finished their meal and they are still hungry, staff will happily offer them more food, soup, fruits and vegetables.


Healthy morning and afternoon snacks are also provided for children each day. Milk, fruits, crackers, sandwiches or yoghurt are some examples of snacks that we offer.


To protect children with serious food allergies, we ensure that no food from the outside can make its way into kindergarten unless specifically requested. We ensure that all parents inform us about their children’s allergies and submit this information with our admission forms.  The information is  filed and kept by the Kindergarten Nurse. And under the medical guidance, the information on allergies will be notified to canteen staff for dedicated food preparation. Children will sit in allocated seats with notes containing their dietary needs labelled on the table.

We make our best efforts in offering alternatives for children with special dietary needs and are happy to work with parents to accommodate these needs. If your children do not have any special dietary needs or medical issues, they will have regular meals and snacks on offer. We give no access to sweetened milk or cartons of juices from the outside, because these are unnecessary as children have access to milk and water at kindergarten.


  • We offer snacks every morning and afternoon at the kindergarten 
  • Children have their meals at kindergarten
  • Children should be able to use spoons, forks, knives and chopsticks
  • Treats or drinks from outside are not allowed unless especially requested
  • Teachers will encourage children to drink water and will ensure regular water drinking